goodevening people =] !!!!
it's my first night here in blogspot
and i juz wanna spend this time introducing myself...

I'm nif-nif by the way..
but my real name is Nifritti S. Sy..
I was born on September 24,1987..
I'm now 21 years old, turning 22 this year ,, O.o
I live in a shared apartment with my 2 cousins in Cebu City,Philippines....
my family lives in Singapore..
i have two siblings..
a younger sister 'Mitch Alyn' and a special younger brother 'Mark Daryl'...

im in college right now taking up architecture..
i am very passionate about my course and deeply inlove with it..
and becoz of it i have sleepless nights and sleepy days..LOL=p
but it's ok thou...i never had the thought of giving up..
it's my passion...

my hobbies are rendering anything that i design..[mostly]
going to the beach with friends...[usually fellow archi students]
goin out of town and takin :D
takin photos of landscapes and buildings..
surfing the web everynight..[architectural sources]
playin table tennis for 5 hours straight...O.o
shopping once i got extra money!!!:D [who doesn't wanna treat herself?]
..and there's nothin more interestin that that about me..hehe =p

well, my interests are..
simple things and simple thoughts..
anything and everything about Architecture..
and im interested in excitements and places[explorations]

hmmm..i guess I've said enough for an intro of myself..
don't worry, many more blog posts will be comin out soon =]

goodnight readers!!!
honey dreamzzz :D



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