Sustainable design a.k.a ECODESIGN is the philosophy of designing physical objects, the built environment and services to comply with the principles of economic, social, and ecological sustainability.

The intention of sustainable design is to "eliminate negative environmental impact completely through skillful, sensitive design"[1]. Manifestations of sustainable designs require no non-renewable resources, impact on the environment minimally, and relate people with the natural environment.

1. Solar Panels for electricity.

2. Thermo Block protection walls, roofs and floors are fire
earthquake, hurricane and water resistant and
terminate proof. The revolutionary process and
material will change the way we live and save massive labor
and material cost.

3. Electrolyzer splits water and makes oxygen, hydrogen
and distilled water.

4. NU Preserve which is a revolutionary natural preservative
used in paint helps prevent rust, mold and fungus.

5. The Graywater System will use micro terrain ecology
to maintain the preferred condition. Graywater uses
bathwater and washwater to grow edible food,
plants and herbs. Greywater is then pumped to the
toilet for flushing and ultimately sent to the Blackwater
Botanical System.

6. Natural Purification system(plants, fruits, trees, banana leaves).
Banana leaves have been known to clear airborne carpet fibers from
the air, giving the occupants beautiful oxygen to breathe.

7. Blackwater Botanical System uses a rubberized cell to contain
toilet water used to grow non-edible flowers and plants.
In this fourth and final cycle all of the retreats waste is filtered
processed and re-used.

8. Water Cistern - Harvesting rain from the sky 4 times with
the state of the art filtering system. A 10,000 gallon cistern
would equal 40,000 gallons as it cycles its way through the
shower sink , greywater, rainforest cell then flush to the black
water rainforest cell. At the end of the cycle nothing is left for
septic or sewage. Trully Guilt Free Living.

9. The passive solar double greenhouse admits the sun
and buffers extreme summer heat or extreme winter cold
from entering living spaces. For example if outside temp is -10 deg
1st barrier blackwater green house is 38-40 deg, 2nd barrier
grey water greenhouse is 62-64 deg, 3rd barrier living space is 68-70 deg
with no heat on in the building. And the state of the art Convention Roof
Vents take out extreme heat in the summer.

10. Wind Turbine for electrical power,

11. energy pod contains Bio-fuel/ Hy-Fuel generator backup and a
plastic alkaline fuel cell that is 5kw. Hy-fuel is a hydrogen and
Biio-fuel mix which creates a highly efficient clean fuel. The Energy pod
contains Solar-Wind-Hydrogen-Biofuel-Hy Pane-Fuel Cells.

12. Air products Hydrogen fuel station using free range organic hydrogen
to fuel cars.

13. Solar engine makes heat to drive a motor, generate electricity,
make hot water and make a lot of hydrogen.

14. Car, truck , bus & hydrogen retrofit; it takes 4 hours to retrofit
a gas vehicle. HydroGene(559)907.7623

15. Hydrogen storage well will act like a battery system storing free
range hydrogen for cooking, cooling, heating and to fuel cars.

16. HyPane propane hydrogen blend that makes gas cleaner, more
effiecient and cheaper to operate.

17. DNA Vortex wind turbine produces electricity and hydrogen.

18. Home Gasifier will turn garbage into hydrogen and electricity.

19. Vortex water falls for energizing and oxidate restructive water.


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